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Sensory Cho cho train book

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  1. Two different sides: one full of colors, the other white – black
  2. Fudge - felt hero
  3. Includes rustling pages and mirror
  4. Can be used as a crib cover
  5. Supports your toddler's sensory education


This is a toy, for babies from 0+ to 18 months:

  1. In the first months, the baby will serve as a contrasting crib cover

The soft, material sensory booklet Ciuchcia from Mom's Care was created for the youngest. In the first period of the baby's life, it will serve as a cover for the crib. In a moment it will become a natural stimulator of your child's senses. Looking and staring at the toy develops the toddler's eyesight and perceptiveness. To sew the sensory booklet we used safe, pleasant to the touch materials with different structures.

  1. And how can older babies play with the book?

Who among us did not like trains in childhood? Electric clothes appeared in almost every home. Today, your little one can have his own, safe clothes in the form of a booklet. The hero of our sensory toy is Mr. Fudge, who can magically be a driver as well as a passenger on a train. In the clothes you will also find other characters that you probably know from our toys. The product has a mysterious mirror, rustling pages and colorful ribbons that stimulate the sense of sight and touch. The manipulative book encourages the child to open, browse the pages, search for and discover secrets and curiosities.

Sensory books will help you with:

  1. sensory integration
  2. developing motor skills
  3. stimulating the child's senses from the first days of his life
  4. muting before a nap

Select Polish product:

Mom's Care toys are a Polish, award-winning product compliant with the EN-71 standard and made of raw materials with the certificate: OEKO TEX. Due to the fact that we produce each toy ourselves, we make every effort to ensure that the quality of production at every stage is as high as possible. Each product has the CE mark.

  1. Size: 82x15 cm
  2. Age group: for children 0+
  3. Raw material: terry cotton, minky
  4. Country of origin: Poland



Koszty dostawy Cena nie zawiera ewentualnych kosztów płatności

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